Why Switch to LEDs?

Efficient Energy Usage

LEDs generate the same light levels as conventional Lights but uses nearly half of the power. LEDs do not over heat unlike Conventional Light, which in turn saves electricity bills from air conditioning.

Longer Lifespan

LEDs can last more than 50,000 hours - over 8 times the lifespan of conventional lights.

Durable Quality

LEDs have no filaments therefore can withstand more shock, vibration and nothing to shatter.

Instant on

LEDs light up to their full brightness instantly when switched on with on warm-up time.

Color Quality

LEDs have better color rendering index (CRI) as compared to conventional Light providing truer & brighter color showing off the fine furnishing and fabrics in your home (or workspace) as they’er meant to be seen!

Safe to use

LED Lighting luminaire temperature are much lower than conventional Lights.

Dispersal of Light

LEDs are uni-directional, can be designed to focus light to a specific location or direction, so LEDs have higher degree of efficiency than conventional solutions.

Operational in all conditions

LEDs are able to resist extremes of temperature both excessively hot and freezing cold.

Environmentally Friendly

LEDs do not contain harmful toxins like lead or mercury unlike conventional lights.

Design Flexibility

LEDs are very versatile and can be produced in variety of shapes and size.

More Features

LEDs are fully dimmable and can be played well with sensors unlike Conventional Lights.